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CHALLENGE 321 is a guide of 3 rules that I designed so that you can eliminate that extra fat that you gained during this period of anxiety, stress and at the same time so that you can experience the wonderful benefits of a diet based on whole foods of plant origin. Keep in mind that the recommendations I will give you are applications for a period of 2 weeks, after which, in case you want to continue with a plant-based diet, I recommend you try and introduce other plant options to diversify and expand the variety of your meals.

Once the manual is available, a download link will be sent, you must download it and store it in a folder on your phone, computer or open it in iBooks, since it will only be allowed 3 downloads.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the suggestions in this text do not override the indications of your GP or treating doctor, to whom you should always consult everything related to your health, diet and physical activity. It is your responsibility to do so before, during and after following my recommendations. In this sense, no information established in this text should be followed without the prior approval of your doctor. If you decide to follow my guidelines, without the prior consent of your doctor, you accept full responsibility for your choice.