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We worry about the cleanliness of so many things in our lives and rarely think about the intestines.

The intestine is our communication with the outside, it is the gateway to the raw material with which we will form all the tissues that make us up. For that reason it is extremely important to keep that front door clean and sound enough so that it can be closed when it should not let toxic substances in.

These capsules contain a combination of dietary fiber from different plants with the best capacity to deeply cleanse your intestines, accompanied by a dose of Probiotics that will help you successively in restoring your bacterial flora.

14 days of noble and deep cleansing for your intestines. Intestinal health is the basis on which all the health of the organism is based, for a long time underestimated, every day new research shows us its role in a healthy life.

If you have not behaved very well with your diet in recent days and it has been a long time since you did a colon cleanse, this is the product for you.