What is eating the Dr. Simon Fit way?

Dr. Simon Fit-style eating, more than a diet, is a lifestyle, which fully believes in your body as a perfect machine capable of regenerating and healing itself, as long as it has the right elements and environment available to do so. For years I have researched strategies that help us combat, within our current reality, the factors that interfere with the proper functioning of this wonderful machine that is the human body. Such factors, such as environmental pollution and a busy life, loaded with stress, are mostly beyond our control, so I have focused on those that we can control and that somehow undo the damage of those that we cannot; these factors are diet, physical activity and 5 minutes of reflection, meditation or prayer a day.

When investigating the influence of eating style on disease prevention, and based on my knowledge, I took the aspects that I believe to be the most efficient of the diets that, in turn, I consider to be the most beneficial, to make a proposal own. Therefore, in the style of eating that I promote, although it is true that I use many bases of the alkaline diet, the Dr. Simon Fit style diet is not a completely alkaline diet (but mostly alkaline) , since there are many aspects of the alkaline diet with which I agree and others with which I do not. I begin by clarifying that I do not believe in extremist diets to lose weight, but when we bring our body to its perfect balance we achieve the ideal weight and health without any kind of sacrifice.  

I rely on the classification of foods that make up the alkaline diet, it seems to me an easy and practical way to separate them into two large groups: acid and alkaline, encouraging the consumption of those called alkaline (a group that is made up mostly of vegetables and fruits) and reduce the consumption of acidic foods (such as proteins of animal origin). Although some may think that the alkaline diet or the Dr. Simon Fit style diet are just fads, we must remember that it is not new that a diet with a high consumption of vegetables and fruits significantly reduces the chances of suffering any type of chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and heart attacks, while hundreds of research papers that support this sustained.

What may be new for many is the news that excessive consumption of animal protein (so recommended by many diets), especially processed meats (of which we currently abuse so much) cause cancer, among other chronic diseases, and it is a fact not only supported by numerous scientific investigations, but also confirmed by the World Health Organization(WHO).  However, my eating style is not intended to make them vegetarian or vegan, although if they choose to be the right way, that's fine; I at least want to raise awareness of the importance of reducing and properly consuming proteins of animal origin, in order to preserve our health and that of the environment. The Dr. Simon Fit-style diet, in addition to encouraging the consumption of alkaline foods, encourages the correct combination of superfoods that are often non-alkaline, but which in moderate amounts will promote the perfect balance for your body.


The alkaline diet is a style of eating where the selection of foods called alkaline predominates, these being those that, once digested, release alkaline ashes in the body, helping to maintain the correct balance in the pH of our body, necessary to protect our health in general.


It is the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution; the larger the amount, the more acidic the solution and the smaller the more alkaline. In other words, it measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic, and above 7 is alkaline.

Our blood must maintain a slightly alkaline pH (between 7.3 and 7.4). The alkaline diet is not intended to change the pH of your blood, as many erroneous believe, because that would surely make you sick, but rather that of your tissues, where the accumulation of acid waste can have negative consequences for your long-term health. Our current lifestyle, stress, pollution and an incorrect diet, acidify the tissues, making our body have to work hard to maintain that pH and keep us healthy. The problem is that sooner or later these systems can no longer be as efficient. and they collapse in the face of acidity, thus creating a propitious environment for diseases such as obesity and cancer.


My eating style suggests an increase in the consumption of vegetables and fruits, many of them superfoods, loaded with phytochemicals. Multiple studies show that diets with high consumption of these foods are related to a decrease in the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer.


The Dr. Simon Fit-style diet has many foods loaded with flavonoids that neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage that promotes premature aging. Therefore this style of eating will help promote overall health and also keep our cells safe from cell damage that increases the speed with which we age.

With the Dr. Simon Fit style diet you will achieve the body and health you have always wanted, in the healthiest way.