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  • PRIZE TO THE LEADER IN RESEARCH AND HEALTH SCIENCES FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND 2018 , by the International Society for Research, Health, Business Development and Technology.

  • MAXIMUM LEADER OF EXCELLENCE IN HEALTH 2018 , by the World Association for Excellence in Health.

  • HONORABLE MENTION for Maximum Qualification upon obtaining the title of Surgeon, 2011, UNEFM

  • HONORABLE MENTION for Maximum Qualification when obtaining the title of Veterinary Doctor, 2006, UNEFM


  • SURGEON , 2011, UNEFM


  • PERSONAL TRAINER , 2015, International Sport Sciences Association. ISSA

  • SURGEON ASSISTANT IN USA , 2014. by The American Board of Surgical Assistants. ABSA


"Knowledge is not only power, it is also health and well-being"

While I was studying my two degrees, I was amazed by the advances in medicine, but I was also concerned that chronic diseases were advancing to the same extent, the incidence of which is increasing every day (or number of new cases) and I wondered, how if each Today we have more medicines and early diagnostic equipment, the cases of death from cancer and metabolic diseases are increasing disproportionately?, and I also began to question the way in which doctors traditionally approach the problem, because we strive to heal diseases, which are consequences of something, and perhaps we don't dedicate enough to attacking the causes. It is true that there are diseases whose precise cause is not yet known, but most of the ailments have a series of conditions that are similar to each other, on which we can invest our efforts to avoid promoting them... And yes, it is true, every day there is more contamination and environmental factors that individually we cannot change, but we have forgotten the variables that influence individuals and that we can control, such as physical activity and diet.

Many will say: "yes, but we already know that, it's a hackneyed explanation." The problem is that most of us blindly trust the nutritional information that we have been taught, but the truth is that new knowledge shows that it has not been the most correct. I give you a simple example, in most popular diets carbohydrates and fats are seen as the bad guys and excessive protein consumption is promoted; As it turns out, a study carried out in China (with one of the largest populations ever investigated) showed that diets where protein of animal origin exceeds 20% of daily consumption, significantly promotes the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So I believe that we must understand that we can neither restrict nor exceed a certain group of macronutrients. In October 2015, the World Health Organization urged the population to avoid the consumption of processed meats since they are classified in "Group 1" of carcinogenic substances for humans, while unprocessed red meats were classified in "Group 2" ( its carcinogenic effect is presumed, but it is not proven ). With this I do not pretend that we become vegetarians, only that we DO NOT think that we can eat as much protein of animal origin as we want and be exempt from unfavorable consequences.

After extensive research, I am fully convinced that more than 70% of cancers and other chronic diseases could be prevented just by making good food choices.

For this reason, my professional philosophy is: knowledge is not only power, it is also health and well-being; And remember: what you ignore when eating does not make you immune to its effects.